Friday, May 15, 2009

In One Word - Crazy, Nuts, or Brave. . . .

Our new family adventure this year is "Beekeeping". I have learned that 11 year old boys have no fear! See my husband all suited up? See my son in shorts and short sleeves. This frame is covered with bees and the bee hive is right below on the ground with a second hive beside of that. How crazy it that! In this shot they are looking for the queen. She is shy and hard to find.

Meme-type thing: tagged me to answer this set of random questions. So, here goes:

Current obsessions? Getting my 11 yr old successfully through school and getting the kids summer activities set up.

Item I wear most? My sweat pants!

What's for dinner? Brown gravy over deer steak, corn on the cob, & rolls.

What are you listening to? Bluegrass music

If you were a god/goddess what would you be? Airmid, Celtic Goddess of Healing, Medicine, and spring. Brings the dead back to life.

Favorite holiday spots? When I was little, we use to go to Shenandoah Acres Campground. It’s closed now (boo-hoo)

Reading right now? “In Pursuit of Peace”, by Joyce Meyers (LOVE IT)

Four words to describe you? Caring, mother, wife, & lucky

Favorite spring thing to do? Work in my flowers & on the farm.

Planning to travel next? Napa, CA in June

Best thing you ate recently? Sunflower Seeds

Biggest life lesson learned from your kids? How to dance at the age of 40.

Song you can't get out of your head? “He’s Gonna Bring Me Out of the Desert” my cousins sang it recently at t gospel event.

Spiders -- do you squish or relocate? If it’s on me-squish! If it’s nearby, watch closely.


Pardon My French said...

Oh, the bee whisperer! Good answer on the goddess; learned something there. And I totally just added sweatpants to my list of things I need, lol.

Carver said...

Beekeeping sounds like a great adventure. That is a funny contrast with your husband suited up and your son not.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I've always thought beekeeping was such an interesting thing. I'm with your husband and I'd be all suited up too. Since taking photos I'm less afraid of bees than I used to be but that's just too many for my comfort. :-)

Anonymous said...

lol KIDS!! We've been thinking of trying bee-keeping. We're not ready for the winter challenges yet, but we're getting there.

Lynn said...

Love this picture! My husband and I have been thinking about keeping bees ourselves. We have lots of fruit trees, and are enjoying the joys of producing more and more of our own fruit. The main thing holding me back is wondering if it's expensive to start beekeeping. It seems like there's a lot to buy at the beginning. Have you been doing it for long? I'll bet it's a great educational activity for you and your son. Thanks for sharing the great picture :)

JO said...

kids dont know how to be scared yet... they best learn from good and bad experience.

Vixen said...

Brave, brave (or crazy) boy. I love how your husband is all suited up and he is all bare and pointing at the giant swarm of STINGERS.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

ChefDruck said...

That is an incredible picture! I love hearing about your beekeeping adventures.