Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photos for the WEEK!

Happy Birthday Daddy!! (Turning 77)

At the party down by the creek . . .

Monster #3 Sat by the creek and sang.

Monster #2 couldn't sit by it, he had to get in!

My Dad is such a wonderful man! When I think about what I want my boys to grow up be like, the first thing that comes to mind is my dad. Strong, hard working, a good husband, a loving dad, a provider, a hunter, strick when he had to be, and fun every chance he got. I love him and wouldn't change him for nothing!

The family got together on Saturday down by the creek (We were only missing one of the grandkids. I hope him and his feoncey had a great car show!!). I think it's amaizing that we can still get together for birthday's almost once a month. All 18 of us! We enjoyed a great picknic lunch and I took a few pictures of the kids. Monster #2 couldn't wait to get right down into the creek. He looked for creepy crawly's and then tried to see what he could find that would float. As expected Monster #3 sat nicely on the bridge with her pretty little dress and shoes and sang a pretty little song. It was a great day other than the fact that I got a little too much sun. (Note to myself, "Put sun block in the car!")

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trip To New Orleans

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It was time again for another business trip. My meeting was in New Orleans. I wasn't looking forward to the trip as I continiously hear of the crime rate being high, and how many businesses had not returned. But on the contrary, the French Quarter (main business area) was in excellent shape. I felt safe walking around. The music was still there. I even seen signs that said, "Soul is Waterproof!" It was still a great place to go on a trip. Things were a little more expensive. But that is happing everywhere now-a-days.

I took a tour of the worse flooded areas. Was it bad? Yep!! Most of the houses had been torn down and what is left is a grassy swampy meadow. I listened to the tour guide as he angrly spoke of how the government would not rebuild in this one area. But as we were driving up and down these streets I saw water standing in these old house sites. Not from the flood but just from the overnight rains. I thought to myself, "would I build here?" My answer is quickly NO!!! This area was clearly a natural swamp area until folks decided to try to make it residential. It's located right beside a natural water way and it's below the water line. I do truly hate that these poeple lost their homes and everything in them. I meen no disrespect. But maybe God feels this should remain a natural swamp area and human kind should try to find a better place to relocate to. It's a sad situation. I think it would be a good idea to take some of the empty building where the businesses haven't returned (on the high ground in town) and turn them into low income housing. I look forward to the time when New Orleans can get past the, "WHO IS TO BLAIM FOR THIS" and on to "WHAT IS A SMART SOLUTION TO THIS SITUATION". I hope someone who can look at all the facts can help the low income folks find a better and safer home site in a healthy enviorment. And so that is my prayer for New Orleans!

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