Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Country Boy In Philly!

Took my country boy to Philly. It was his first large city trip. He loved the fountains and statues. At this fountain, he just had to see how cold the water was and before I knew it HE WAS STANDING IN IT! (he he he) To be a child again!

It's been a crazy month. Unfortunately, finding time to enjoy this bogging picture adventure has had to take the back seat! In summary - -
1) Went from working 2 day's to 4 day's a week.
2) Decided to take a class
3) Started taking the tot to preschool
4) 10 yr old is back to school and sports.
5) Took pictures for a family members wedding.
6) Work trip to Philly.
7) On top of that, now I caught a cold!

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