Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I can’t believe he’s 20. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so proud of him! It's amazing to think about our journey together. And the wonderful people who helped us along the way. It seams like just yesterday that I found out I was expecting. Not in a traditional way. I was an unwed senior in High School with no plans for parenthood at the time . . .

I saw a young mother in a local grocery store soon after I found out I was expecting. Her child was about 6-8 months old. The child was dirty with no shoes on and only wearing a diaper. The mother was fussing at him and the child was crying. They looked poor and so unhappy. I decided right then–that wouldn’t be us.

Don’t get me wrong. We were still poor for quite a while. We lacked many things through the years (including maturity). At the time I brought him home, he had a chest of drawers in his tiny little room which had a few socks, a few shirts and 4-5 pair of pants leaving most of the drawers empty. I remember baking cookies with him as a toddler. I’d let him stir the batter and I acted so excited about the cookies. But what I was really doing was trying to keep us warm by the stove because the house was cold. For Christmas one year I got together a bunch of happy meal toys, wrapped them and stacked them like a pyramid to make it look like there were a large amount of presents under the tree.

I thank GOD for all the wonderful family members and friends who surrounded us like a host of angles sent from above to help us on our way. These people filled our drawers with clothing, our belly's with food, and our hearts with hope and love.

I cherish these memories. Hard times they were but time like these can be full of love and special moments. I felt like we were a 2 person team. I loved the hikes we went on - just the two of us! Oh, how I loved to foot wrestle with him on the couch and going to scout meetings and the ball games over the years. I could cheer for him for hours. He was so well mannered, well spoken, smart, athletic, and he had such an awesome attitude! We both leaned so many things together.

I can’t imagine my life without him. I’m so proud of him. He’ll always be special to me in a way that words can not explain. It’s funny to think how at the time I felt we had nothing. But on the contrary – we had it all! Just he and I, and a host of angles to help us along the way. The perfect recipe for success!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Fall! A fabulous time! But it doesn't last long enough. Has anyone else been up to the Cascades? It's in Virginia only 25 minutes from Virginia Tech. It's a great 2.5 hr hike. To see more pictures click read more below. And here's a few more.

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