Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Do You See?

Can you see the past . . . present . . .future??      
Oh, the things that I see. . .

As I look at this old barn I can see the past . . . I remember a time when there was a fence around it to keep the cows out, and how we plowed the field. I remember planting the tobacco plants in the ground when they were only a few inches tall and hoeing around them all summer long.  I remember all the family gathering on harvest day.  The stalks stood above our heads and we worked all day to cut it and hang it in the barn to dry.

I can also see today.  My kids are running in the tall grass and playing in the cow-less and tobacco-less field.  The kids are so excited to see how tall the grass has gotten in only a few weeks and how they look at it as if it is a new play ground.  I see my husband sitting on the tractor mowing the grass and how the swallows swoop around him to catch the insects.  We planted a Weeping Willow tree on the edge of the creek and the dog is taking a moment to lay his belly in the cool creek water.

I can see the future too.  A time when we might put in a pond and enjoy fishing off the edges.  I can see us planting new trees and flowers.  There will be more traffic on the little dirt road then.  I can see my kids riding 4 wheelers and going over the humps and bumps of the field. There will be new ideas and new memories I can't even imagin.

And I can clearly see myself taking a moment on occasion, to remember, how I use to see . . .this old barn.

Always Embrace Change! 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes I should know better. . . BUT

He's wanted one for so long!

He offered to pay for it himself.

He promises he'll be careful.

I just couldn't say no any longer.

Monster #2 often gets treated differently do to my experiences with his older brother. Monster #1 use to fall and get hurt often. Once he broke his arm in 3 places WHILE AT CHURCH (being on the rescue squad back then was very helpful). BUT that's a different kid right???

Making matters worse, Monster 2 is not very careful. He's means well but he has that "I didn't mean to" thing going. In fact, he often reminds me of the children’s books "David Gets in Trouble".

But I decided I'm just going to take a chance!! I let him get the skateboard and he just loves it. We are requiring him to wear pads and a helmet and I pray often!!!! So far so good!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston TX

I had a business meeting in Galveston TX last week. This is a great place for a family vacation. It's on an island approx. 1 hr south of Houston TX. I stayed at Moody Gardens which is a WONDERFUL Hotel!! On the hotel property there is an Aquarium, Imax Theater, Rainforest, Water Park and more. Their web site is http://www.moodygardens.com/ . I took these pictures in the rainforest. They also say the fishing is realy great around here.

I watched a 3D movie IMAX Theater called "Sea Monsters" which was really cool! Great "jump out and get you" effects. I wish I had more time. I would have gone to the 3D Grand Canyon show. They have 5 different shows every day. I also had time to go through the Aquarium and Rainforest. They only took about 20-30 minutes each but they were VERY well managed and I really enjoyed the walk though. Whoever is managing these facilities is doing an excellent job keeping it up. The animals looked healthy and happy. I didn't get to enjoy the other attractions due to time (which means WORK)! But if I would have had my kids with me we would have "done it all" (especially the water park).

The hotel staff were great! Loved the service. Even the bathroom soap was "spa" quality.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monster #3 Art

I took a photo of monster #3 and "Adobed It Up" today. I'm just learning this program and this simple change took me FOREVER! What do you think??
This is a picture I took of one of my little monsters with her new umbrella last week. She thinks it's so special! I wanted to add a little something extra to it for WW so I played around with it in Adobe. - - Which can be a great program but sometimes realy hard to figure out how to make some minor adjustments.

Don't have much time to write today as I'm at a business meeting in Galveston TX. I'll write more about that (with a photo) next week. .

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