Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

From me and my crew - - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL of you out there!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I can’t believe he’s 20. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so proud of him! It's amazing to think about our journey together. And the wonderful people who helped us along the way. It seams like just yesterday that I found out I was expecting. Not in a traditional way. I was an unwed senior in High School with no plans for parenthood at the time . . .

I saw a young mother in a local grocery store soon after I found out I was expecting. Her child was about 6-8 months old. The child was dirty with no shoes on and only wearing a diaper. The mother was fussing at him and the child was crying. They looked poor and so unhappy. I decided right then–that wouldn’t be us.

Don’t get me wrong. We were still poor for quite a while. We lacked many things through the years (including maturity). At the time I brought him home, he had a chest of drawers in his tiny little room which had a few socks, a few shirts and 4-5 pair of pants leaving most of the drawers empty. I remember baking cookies with him as a toddler. I’d let him stir the batter and I acted so excited about the cookies. But what I was really doing was trying to keep us warm by the stove because the house was cold. For Christmas one year I got together a bunch of happy meal toys, wrapped them and stacked them like a pyramid to make it look like there were a large amount of presents under the tree.

I thank GOD for all the wonderful family members and friends who surrounded us like a host of angles sent from above to help us on our way. These people filled our drawers with clothing, our belly's with food, and our hearts with hope and love.

I cherish these memories. Hard times they were but time like these can be full of love and special moments. I felt like we were a 2 person team. I loved the hikes we went on - just the two of us! Oh, how I loved to foot wrestle with him on the couch and going to scout meetings and the ball games over the years. I could cheer for him for hours. He was so well mannered, well spoken, smart, athletic, and he had such an awesome attitude! We both leaned so many things together.

I can’t imagine my life without him. I’m so proud of him. He’ll always be special to me in a way that words can not explain. It’s funny to think how at the time I felt we had nothing. But on the contrary – we had it all! Just he and I, and a host of angles to help us along the way. The perfect recipe for success!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Fall! A fabulous time! But it doesn't last long enough. Has anyone else been up to the Cascades? It's in Virginia only 25 minutes from Virginia Tech. It's a great 2.5 hr hike. To see more pictures click read more below. And here's a few more.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Harvest Time!

Visit http://skyley.blogspot.com/ for more great sky pictures!

Our first garden was a WONDERFUL success this summer. For the first time our cabinets are full of food we grew on our own. The corn was unbelievable. And that was even after part of it blew down in a rain storm. Click below to read more and see more pictures!

I picked green beans until we had canned over 70 cans. We could have got another picking too but decided enough was enough. Unfortunately we couldn't find anyone else who wanted them either.

Oh, the watermelon was such a treat. This doesn't grow very well in our area but we had GREAT luck!

My 10 yr old ask "so how big will a cucumber get if we don't pick it"? So the garden was even a science project at times.

My husband did most of the work and it was a hoot to work in the garden with the kids.

We also grew peppers, onions, and potato's. We did have a battle with potato bugs! (Where do those things come from?) This has really helped with the grocery bill to and I feel good knowing we have what we need no matter what happens with the economy. We are prepared for the "storm".

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Country Boy In Philly!

Took my country boy to Philly. It was his first large city trip. He loved the fountains and statues. At this fountain, he just had to see how cold the water was and before I knew it HE WAS STANDING IN IT! (he he he) To be a child again!

It's been a crazy month. Unfortunately, finding time to enjoy this bogging picture adventure has had to take the back seat! In summary - -
1) Went from working 2 day's to 4 day's a week.
2) Decided to take a class
3) Started taking the tot to preschool
4) 10 yr old is back to school and sports.
5) Took pictures for a family members wedding.
6) Work trip to Philly.
7) On top of that, now I caught a cold!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

N-D-Grass & Skywatch

She's my girly-girl. But sometimes I see a little tom-boy in her too.

("Skywatch" http://skyley.blogspot.com/)

Monster #1 is very little like me. She loves ribbons and bows and pretty little dresses. She likes to sit in front of the mirror after her bath and comb her curly hair and put perfume and powers on. It's so cute! At 4 she picks out her own outfit, which usually includes a frilly dress. Despite our differences, I encourage her to be all that! And thank goodness she has a grandma who has supplied her with all the pretty little things a little girl loves.

But I try to encourage her to check out things like spiders and other creepy crawler's too. When we go to the farm I assure her that jeans and flannel is the best thing to wear. Daddy found a little frog while mowing today and took it right to her to investigate (as he held it). Hopefully my husband and I will together raise her to be a well rounded individual!

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Field Shot

A year ago someone mentioned there may be a bear in the area (a small one). We giggled and said "sure". My husband caught this on his field camera. Unfortunatly, the camera dosen't have a very fast shutter speed (sorry for the blur). Click on the "read more" button below to see the "Rated-R" one! I just couldn't believe it!

We couldn't have caught this if we were trying. My hub and I laughed till we cried!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buggs Island Beauty

Summer started off a bit crazy but we had a great vacation at Buggs Island!

What a summer! As my children finished school in June, my father went into the hospital. This seamed to bring time and life to a stand still. He had open heart surgery and for 2-3 weeks his life was dangling between with us – or onward. Thank goodness he came through and continues to heal as we go through the summer. Thanks to all my friends for their prayers!

After Dad became stable, we took our annual summer trip. Our summer vacation took place at Bugs Island this year (or officially called John Kerr Reservoir) , which is a huge lake on the Virginia/North Carolina border. It is a wonderful place (minus the bug bites). My in-laws made all the arrangements from the campsite to the wonderful food that they feed us all week. It was a wonderful vacation that two of my children will always remember!

If you love fishing and the beautiful outdoors, this place is a must! It had great camp sites, beautiful views, excellent fishing, and the beach area was lots of fun for the kids! And don’t forget an important camping need – the bath house was always clean.

If you want to visit the lake, check out their official web site at

Thanks for dropping in!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Do You See?

Can you see the past . . . present . . .future??      
Oh, the things that I see. . .

As I look at this old barn I can see the past . . . I remember a time when there was a fence around it to keep the cows out, and how we plowed the field. I remember planting the tobacco plants in the ground when they were only a few inches tall and hoeing around them all summer long.  I remember all the family gathering on harvest day.  The stalks stood above our heads and we worked all day to cut it and hang it in the barn to dry.

I can also see today.  My kids are running in the tall grass and playing in the cow-less and tobacco-less field.  The kids are so excited to see how tall the grass has gotten in only a few weeks and how they look at it as if it is a new play ground.  I see my husband sitting on the tractor mowing the grass and how the swallows swoop around him to catch the insects.  We planted a Weeping Willow tree on the edge of the creek and the dog is taking a moment to lay his belly in the cool creek water.

I can see the future too.  A time when we might put in a pond and enjoy fishing off the edges.  I can see us planting new trees and flowers.  There will be more traffic on the little dirt road then.  I can see my kids riding 4 wheelers and going over the humps and bumps of the field. There will be new ideas and new memories I can't even imagin.

And I can clearly see myself taking a moment on occasion, to remember, how I use to see . . .this old barn.

Always Embrace Change! 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes I should know better. . . BUT

He's wanted one for so long!

He offered to pay for it himself.

He promises he'll be careful.

I just couldn't say no any longer.

Monster #2 often gets treated differently do to my experiences with his older brother. Monster #1 use to fall and get hurt often. Once he broke his arm in 3 places WHILE AT CHURCH (being on the rescue squad back then was very helpful). BUT that's a different kid right???

Making matters worse, Monster 2 is not very careful. He's means well but he has that "I didn't mean to" thing going. In fact, he often reminds me of the children’s books "David Gets in Trouble".

But I decided I'm just going to take a chance!! I let him get the skateboard and he just loves it. We are requiring him to wear pads and a helmet and I pray often!!!! So far so good!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moody Gardens Hotel, Galveston TX

I had a business meeting in Galveston TX last week. This is a great place for a family vacation. It's on an island approx. 1 hr south of Houston TX. I stayed at Moody Gardens which is a WONDERFUL Hotel!! On the hotel property there is an Aquarium, Imax Theater, Rainforest, Water Park and more. Their web site is http://www.moodygardens.com/ . I took these pictures in the rainforest. They also say the fishing is realy great around here.

I watched a 3D movie IMAX Theater called "Sea Monsters" which was really cool! Great "jump out and get you" effects. I wish I had more time. I would have gone to the 3D Grand Canyon show. They have 5 different shows every day. I also had time to go through the Aquarium and Rainforest. They only took about 20-30 minutes each but they were VERY well managed and I really enjoyed the walk though. Whoever is managing these facilities is doing an excellent job keeping it up. The animals looked healthy and happy. I didn't get to enjoy the other attractions due to time (which means WORK)! But if I would have had my kids with me we would have "done it all" (especially the water park).

The hotel staff were great! Loved the service. Even the bathroom soap was "spa" quality.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monster #3 Art

I took a photo of monster #3 and "Adobed It Up" today. I'm just learning this program and this simple change took me FOREVER! What do you think??
This is a picture I took of one of my little monsters with her new umbrella last week. She thinks it's so special! I wanted to add a little something extra to it for WW so I played around with it in Adobe. - - Which can be a great program but sometimes realy hard to figure out how to make some minor adjustments.

Don't have much time to write today as I'm at a business meeting in Galveston TX. I'll write more about that (with a photo) next week. .

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photos for the WEEK!

Happy Birthday Daddy!! (Turning 77)

At the party down by the creek . . .

Monster #3 Sat by the creek and sang.

Monster #2 couldn't sit by it, he had to get in!

My Dad is such a wonderful man! When I think about what I want my boys to grow up be like, the first thing that comes to mind is my dad. Strong, hard working, a good husband, a loving dad, a provider, a hunter, strick when he had to be, and fun every chance he got. I love him and wouldn't change him for nothing!

The family got together on Saturday down by the creek (We were only missing one of the grandkids. I hope him and his feoncey had a great car show!!). I think it's amaizing that we can still get together for birthday's almost once a month. All 18 of us! We enjoyed a great picknic lunch and I took a few pictures of the kids. Monster #2 couldn't wait to get right down into the creek. He looked for creepy crawly's and then tried to see what he could find that would float. As expected Monster #3 sat nicely on the bridge with her pretty little dress and shoes and sang a pretty little song. It was a great day other than the fact that I got a little too much sun. (Note to myself, "Put sun block in the car!")

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trip To New Orleans

(To read about my trip click the "read more" button.)

It was time again for another business trip. My meeting was in New Orleans. I wasn't looking forward to the trip as I continiously hear of the crime rate being high, and how many businesses had not returned. But on the contrary, the French Quarter (main business area) was in excellent shape. I felt safe walking around. The music was still there. I even seen signs that said, "Soul is Waterproof!" It was still a great place to go on a trip. Things were a little more expensive. But that is happing everywhere now-a-days.

I took a tour of the worse flooded areas. Was it bad? Yep!! Most of the houses had been torn down and what is left is a grassy swampy meadow. I listened to the tour guide as he angrly spoke of how the government would not rebuild in this one area. But as we were driving up and down these streets I saw water standing in these old house sites. Not from the flood but just from the overnight rains. I thought to myself, "would I build here?" My answer is quickly NO!!! This area was clearly a natural swamp area until folks decided to try to make it residential. It's located right beside a natural water way and it's below the water line. I do truly hate that these poeple lost their homes and everything in them. I meen no disrespect. But maybe God feels this should remain a natural swamp area and human kind should try to find a better place to relocate to. It's a sad situation. I think it would be a good idea to take some of the empty building where the businesses haven't returned (on the high ground in town) and turn them into low income housing. I look forward to the time when New Orleans can get past the, "WHO IS TO BLAIM FOR THIS" and on to "WHAT IS A SMART SOLUTION TO THIS SITUATION". I hope someone who can look at all the facts can help the low income folks find a better and safer home site in a healthy enviorment. And so that is my prayer for New Orleans!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Look what I can do!

Before Clipping!

After Clipping!

This time of year is great! When the world is coming back to life. It's not to cold, nor to hot. Not too buggy, and yet things are starting to bloom. And you can see animal tracks everywhere. I love it!!!!

I've enjoyed going to the "farm" each week. We still call it the farm. But there aren’t any cows nor crops there anymore. So what am I to call it?? The land??? That sounds silly. The only things we grow there is wild deer, raccoons, groundhogs, grass, trees, and lots and LOTS of sticker bushes!

Many of the farm jobs that need to be done require MAN and tractor power. But the stickers - I can do on my own (although I welcome as many helpers as I can get). And that’s my primary job. To clip and kill every sticker bush I can get my hands on! I’m sure one day I’ll move on to planting flower. But for now sticker work is top priority. And my tool of choice is LOPPERS! After I go into the woods and clip an area with my loppers it looks like a new place.

I’ve been going by myself one day a week to clip (weather permitting). Well, the little monster is always with me, of course. Many say, “What do you do with the 4yr Monster over there in the woods???” But we do great. We pack a toy bag and bring a blanket. I set her blanket and toy bag up in a shady spot right where I’m clipping. She usually starts to help me clip but before long she heads right for the blanket and her bag of toys. She brings toys like Barbie’s, cars, plastic dinosaurs, and pretends the day away. I stop often to have a snack or drink with her, and sit in the woods. Sometimes she does find a bug or something that leaves her squalling.

Recently a little snail crawled up on her toy and when she saw it she “fell to peaces”. I just picket the snail up and put it on my work glove. I sat with her and talked about how it moved. She watched it carefully while clutching my arm. We agreed that the little snail would be happier under a rock in the dirt and then we placed it there. It was like a 4 year old science field trip. Ahhh - The farm adventures yet to come - - I can’t wait.

On the weekend the entire crew of extended family comes along for a work day. We are working together to put in a small road/walking path in an area that’s currently too steep and thick with stickers to walk. This new path will lead to a neat area where there is a babbling brook deep in the woods. It going to be so cool! What a great way to spend a weekend!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

She's 4!

As of Sunday my smallest curly headed moster will be 4 years old. I just can't believe it. She is a wonderful child. We have truly been blessed! We went to a oriental restarant tonight and my hub. mentioned to the waitres that her birthday would be tomorrow. As we ate our food they brought her a little cake and sang "happy birthday". We were pleasantly supprised! How nice! She was a bit shy but very tickled. They gave her a birthday hat and a "blow-thing". She played with it all threw dinner. On the way home Daddy stopped at Walmart. He took her in and let her pick out a cake mix and the iceing. He told her they would make the cake together tomorrow for her special day. It will be a special Daddy Daughter birthday time for sure! (I took this photo at home. Much better that those yucky hospital photos!)

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Right place, right time or Wrong place at the wrong time?

Go to Wordless Wednesday at http://www.wordlesswednesday.com/ for more photo fun!

Taken while hiking at Lake Tahoe, November 2007. What a suprise!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Unforgetable Saturdays

There isn't anything better than working on the farm, spending time with my parents and teaching my children about stickers! The kind that leave scratches instead of ones you put on paper. (Picture taken 4/2007 yet we were doing this exact same thing last weekend)

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sermon - Removing the Earthly Barriers

A couple times a year I am ask to be a fill-in speaker at my church. I attend a small United Methodist Church out in the country. It's always very special for me to do this. I hope you will enjoy, "Removing the Earthly Barriers".

And I begin . . .

This is an exciting holiday season isn’t it. I must ask you, how many of you have already started to hang your black, green, and purple Easter lights on your houses and in the trees around your yard? How many of you know we are actually in a holiday season. Better yet, how many of you really knew that the New Orleans, Mardi Gras celebration on February 5th, was tied to a religious holiday. That’s right! Mardi Gras, with the beads, and the drinking, and crazy parties. The root of the celebration stems from the beginning of Lent.

Now I was being a bit sarcastic wasn’t I. I know many of you here know a good bit about the season of Lent. Some of you may be very involved. Maybe some of you are fasting, doing without chocolate, possibly avoiding coffee. Some of you may be trying a new religious study or reading the special addition of the Upper Room. Yet many others of you may know very little about it.

As I started preparing for this service I looked at the calendars in my house to find out the exact date that Lent started. I looked in my Virginia Tech calendar. I couldn’t find it listed. I moved on to a second calendar that I have on my desk. With surprise, it wasn’t listed on that one either. I finally found it on the third calendar I looked at. I don’t know why I’m so surprised about this. As I think about it, the season of advent isn’t listed as a holiday on many calendars either.

For those of you who do not know, the season of Lent is the 40 day period, not counting Sundays, prior to Easter. We are currently approximately 16 days in to the season of Lent. This 40 day period was established by the early Catholic Church. It starts out with Ash Wednesday. Some churches have special service where the Pastor preaches on penance, fasting, and giving. Then you go up to the alter and have a cross marked upon your forhead with ashes, as you ask for forgiveness for your sins. That officially marks the beginning of the season.

Why 40 days you ask? The number 40 comes up many times in the Bible. First in the Old Testament in Noah’s day. In the book of Genesis 7:12. The earth was completely flooded for 40 days’. A flooding that washed away the evil that had infected the world.

Again you find the number 40 when you read about Moses. In Exodus 24:18. It say’s Moses went up into the mountain for 40 days and nights. And he returns with the 10 commandments. A key tool for avoiding the sinful nature of man.

In Numbers 32:13 we read how the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Which by that time they had rid the tribes of the old and only the new would enter the promise land.

But Lent owes much of it’s spiritual meaning to the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert preparing for his ministry. This happens just as Jesus becomes an adult. Before people really know of his greatness. Jesus goes down to John, asks to be Baptized, following that he is led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

Just simply led by the Spirit to go. He did not get his backpack ready. He didn’t take a book or video game to keep him occupied. Not even a tent or jacket incase the weather was bad. He just went.

We pick this up in Matthew 4. And I read. “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry.” The scripture goes on to tell about how the devil comes to Jesus and begins to test or tempt him with earthy things.

It is so interesting to me how Jesus becomes weak with hunger. Carries absolutely nothing to protect himself, and THEN he is ready to meet with the devil. Isn’t that strange? If I was to get ready for a fight. I would make sure I was at the top of my game physically before stepping into the ring with the devil. (working out movements) . . . . And I kid you not. We actually receive letters from the grade school the week of the SOL test that says, “Please feed your kids a good breakfast and make sure they have a good nights rest so they will score better on those important test”. But here we see Jesus, hungry and exposed. Yet that’s what he did, purposely, to prepare for this moment.

What in the world was he doing out there for 40 days? Picture it in your mind. Imagen, walking out of your door today with nothing more than the clothes on your back. Just wandering on foot. No interaction with people. No clock or schedule. No TV, or cell phone or computer! No special hiking boots or hand gun to protect you from danger. The 1st day passes, then the 2nd and the 3rd. It don’t sound so bad yet does it. Lets get a little deeper.

No pillow to lay your head on at night, nor blanket to cover you. No bath or make-up or ability to shave. Moving into the second week, day 10, 11, and 12 pass.

No money. No food, nor drink. No protection from the elements. Week 3 and week 4.

How far would you walk before you were tired or out of breath. Would you begin to feel exposed? Would you stay in one place or continue to wonder? How would you pass the time. Day 35, 36, 37.

What would your thoughts be? How would you feel. It’s hot and dry and the sand is blowing in your face. No shelter. Day 40 Just you alone and hungry.

The desert experience is about deprivation. It was about not having instead of having. It’s having nothing at all, yet about being filled. It was about removing all the earthly things that surround us and yet coming closer to God the Father.

Every once and a while our society goes through a time of weakness. A time when money is tight and we must do without some of the earthly things we come to love. For many people, deprivation is a great evil, and to be avoided at all costs. In deprivation, we might discover that we are not strong. Instead we are human. We fear and hurt and get embarrised. Removing our tough exterior we just might find a vulnerable or humble creature which we are not really use to.

Removing our earthly material walls we may learn we are slaves to our bellies, to the opinions of others, to pleasures, and nice commodies. We can not bear pain so we take a pill. We are not good at something so we drink. We can not bear being cold so we cut up the heat. We cannon bear growing old, so we dye our hair. Like Darth Vader in Star Wars, we replace our humanity with technology or other things until there is very little of our own selves left. Some of us become slaves to a ridgid schedule. How many of us are guilty of having over-promised ourselves to things. Or how many of us are slaves to past experience? Like shackles we are dragging along our baggage refusing to put it down. We refuse to put it down and walk with God. We even surround ourselves with walls of lies to avoid the truths in our lives. What are we trying to compensate for?

All these things are the devils temptations which we have choose to take up. At any point in time we can say NO! These earthly things will no longer have power over me!

Now, doing without can strip away some of the false walls we have built up around ourselves and can give us a glimpse of our own truth. And that is sometimes hard to face.

I have a children’s book I read to my kids. It’s called, “Another Monster at the End of this Book”. In this story Elmo is trying to get to the back of the book to see the “Monster”. But Grover is trying to stop him from going. Grover builds walls alphabet blocks, and glues the pages together and even begg’s Elmo at one point not to go. But Elmo continues to the end. And you’ll never guess who the monsters are. At the end of the story they find out that the “Monsters” are themselves. They laugh as they are no longer afraid of the monster any more.

The point is that we often build up things that separate us from God. Daily things. Material things. The Devil is always there read to offer us a sweet deal isn’t he. We often wear a fuzzy monster coat of sin and personal desires. Our life gets so noisy that walls of earthly things separate us from the voice of our Lord and Savior.

During this season of Lent, we have the opportunity to take the monster coat off. To remove the walls of separation. And once we do surrender that coat, that wall, we can once again hear the voice of the Lord more clearly and reclaim the true song in our heart. We should use this season of Lent to enter into our own private desert where it is just you and God. In doing this we may be required to come face to face with our own sins. We may need to be willing to leave the things we are clinging to at the cross of the Lord. But by releasing these things, we will grow stronger with the Lord.

I leave you with this thought. Remember above I said, “What in the world was Jesus doing out there for 40 days?” So I ask you now, if you were in a private desert, where all the distractions were removed, and you found yourself in the presents the Lord, what would you be doing?

Let us pray,

Oh Lord, we call to you, Hear our voice. Come quickly. We come to you today, asking for your guidance through our own desirt. We want to wander twards you during this Holy season. Help us to leave our sinful earthly ways as we travel. Let our hearts not draw tward the things that separates us from you. Help us to tear down these walls and remove the old and become new. Rescue us from our personal earthly chains. Rescue us when our spirits are weak. We reach out our hands to you. Our soul is thirsts for your presence. Re-teach us your way, O Lord, We want to walk by your side. Give us an undivided heart that we may serve you completely. You are great and your love is never ending. You fill us in a way that earthly things can not. Thank you for always being there, waiting. No matter how long it takes us to call out, you are there, waiting. Ready to show us the way, you are there, waiting. Waiting, Ready to carry us on. Thank you Oh Lord, for your never ending Love.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Lazy

Today's a bad weather day - The word for the day is - Lazy!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello - Anyone out there?

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Wordless Wednesday

My first Wordless Wednesday! I'm not sure how this really works yet. But encouraged by my friend, I'm jumping right in. I'm also new at blogging too. Welcome to my site.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Loins, Tigers and SISSORS - Oh My!

3 yr monster has learned to use the scissors! And just in time for Valentines. I drew the heart shape on a folded piece of paper and she successfully trimmed it out. Not in perfect order but still good enough to recognize that it was a heart shape. Using that new trick I had her glue it (with a glue stick for no mess) to the center of a piece of paper and then put the letter “I” on one side and the letter “U” on the other side. We’ve been practicing our letter and I and U were new. So in the end it said, “I (heart for Love) U”. And we sent those to grandparents last week.

Now learning to use a pair of scissors is serious business for a 3 year old. She can now spend hours whacking up a magazine. I tear out one page for her to use. She cuts out toys, jewlry, food, etc. And oh the mess she can make. I have encouraged her to put the trash in to a bag as she goes along but that just seams like a waist of time to her. It’s amazing just how many little pieces of paper she can create! And let me tell you those scissors go up on the shelf when we are done. She did manage to get a hold of a couple of my bills and “let them have it”.

It’s a grand new trick that she has just had a blast with. So good for her!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Children Are Hilarious

I sat on the couch as my three year old “investigated” my bare belly. She is so inquisitive these days. She talked about my belly button and poked at a couple freckles. She was so sweet and gentle as she played. I said, “Look at this”, and I showed her the line on my belly from the C-section. And I proceeded to tell her, “This is where the doctor took you out of my belly when you were just a tiny baby”. She looked at me with the strangest face and said,

“Mommy, why did you swallow me?”

And I burst into laughter. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I cried.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh how cute!!!

Tuesday, on my way home from work - - -I was turning off a main road onto a secondary when a puppy went right under my van. OH MY GOSH!! I stopped suddenly. I didn't heard a thump. I looked in the rear view mirror and the cutest little puppy came into view. Taking a breath of relief I started to drive off and he followed me. I made another turn and he was running as fast as he could. I just had to stop. He was so happy to see me.

I picked him up and took him around to a couple houses and ask if he belonged to anyone. One lady said he had been out there all day and he had almost gotten run over several times. I just couldn’t leave him there to be killed in the road. And who knows how cold it was going to get overnight.

He still has his downy like hair. He hops around and has the floppiest ears you ever saw. My monsters just loved him. But I already have a dog. A great dog. A trained “no poop in the house”, dog. I called around last night trying to find him a home, with no luck. I was feeling so sad! He barked all night (he has a bit of hound in him). Poor thing! I think it was the first night he was away from his Moma. He ate like he was starving (then had the runs-yuck).

With sadness, I called the dog pound this morning. Surprisingly, the guy was so reassuring. He said that puppies get placed very quickly. The kids and I hopped into the car and took him up there today. "9yr old monster” carried him in. He was really good about saying good-by. There was a lady there checking him out as we left. I left there feeling really good about it and I think my #2 monster learned a thing or two also.

What a crazy 24 hrs!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I let a 4th grader hurt my feeling. How do teachers do it!!!!

Last year I signed Monster #2 up in cub scouts. I was active in cub scouts with Monster #1 (led meetings, taught first aid, etc). With Monster #2, I haven’t been quite as active. Several of his friends were going and it started off great. Over half way through the year I realized (along with many parents) that the leader was, well, not meeting expectations. One by one, others stopped going. I feel that you should teach your kids, once you start something you finish it. So Monster #2 and I went the rest of the year (he really had a good time). I must say, I was disappointed that others quit so easily.

Several of the parent and I spoke this summer and decided we could start our own little club through a local church and so we did. They actually have other groups for different ages so monster #3 has her own class too. I was asked to lead. I gladly jumped right in. Our small group of 4th graders (4/5) started in October - 20 min.-Bible study and 20 min.-crafts. I rack my brain each week to come up with GREAT ideas to keep them happy. Two of the boys are a little hard to work with sometimes when they are together. But over all I love the group and I love to teach them the Bible.

Then it happened. Last week at the meeting the two boys bragged about shooting a bird and how they had half shot it and the other boy had to “finish it off” and then they explained how they beat it’s head in afterwards until it's eye's popped out. At this point my ears were steaming and I made the mistake of telling them that I did not care for their actions and they better not talk like that again at club. I could tell they were pissed the rest of the meeting. Keep in mind they were bragging to the others, not me. It’s like I got in the way. Several other times I was short with them during the meeting because they were doing a sloppy job of participating and whispering back and forth – etc.

So guess what – They want to quit club. And their mother is going to let them. And the mom is one of my only local friend in this stinking county! I guess I should not have scolded them - - -but really! That was just a little too much. Don’t you think???? Sould I have just laughed about it and went on????

I’m just steamed about it. The Mom said after a week went by she would ask them if they wanted to go again. It would not be so bad but that will leave 2-3 in the already small class. And I really did want to be a good Mom for #2 Monster. And now he has a “Mean Mom” according to the boy’s. That’s not going to help his “cool” factor at this age.

Man I can't believe I've been nocking myself out so they can have a good time and then to get such a crappy response! I swear I just want to take my kids deep in the woods and raise them without some of the bullcrap that goes on with other kids.


PS: it's 19 degrees! burrr!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello out there. Well, here I am blogging. Who will read this I wonder??? My good friend Michelle, living in France, has brought me here to this point. At one time I had many friends who all lived in the same area but now I have fewer friends, more children, and the friends I still keep in contact with all live apart now. I wish I had more time to talk with friends but the kids keep me very busy. Sometimes I can't believe how busy I am. Not that I feel like I get all that much done.

Monsters - Monster 1 is 3 yr's old (girl), Monster 2 is 10 (boy), and Monster 3 is 19 (boy). I remember thinking with my first kid that having a 3 year old was overwhelming. Now I say, "She's the easiest one I have". The 19 yr old was such a wonderful kid. Now he's killing me with his new found freedom and college. I thought he would sore in life and he is sinking like a dead fish! I want to help but the more I try, the further he sinks. Sometimes I don't know whether to hug him or smack him.

I must say I'm really sleepy this morning. My husband is a night person who can live on very little sleep. I'm NOT. The last two nights we watched football games on TV until around 11:30 and then got ready for the next day. Then he took a long bath (he gets into a book while bathing) and before I knew it it was 12:30-1 a.m. Getting up for work the last two mornings, I've had big bags under my eyes. This morning I made my 10 yr old late for school. Just by a little but he can't stand to be late so I know it'll affect his hole school day.

Guess that's enough for my first Blog.

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