Thursday, October 9, 2008

Harvest Time!

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Our first garden was a WONDERFUL success this summer. For the first time our cabinets are full of food we grew on our own. The corn was unbelievable. And that was even after part of it blew down in a rain storm. Click below to read more and see more pictures!

I picked green beans until we had canned over 70 cans. We could have got another picking too but decided enough was enough. Unfortunately we couldn't find anyone else who wanted them either.

Oh, the watermelon was such a treat. This doesn't grow very well in our area but we had GREAT luck!

My 10 yr old ask "so how big will a cucumber get if we don't pick it"? So the garden was even a science project at times.

My husband did most of the work and it was a hoot to work in the garden with the kids.

We also grew peppers, onions, and potato's. We did have a battle with potato bugs! (Where do those things come from?) This has really helped with the grocery bill to and I feel good knowing we have what we need no matter what happens with the economy. We are prepared for the "storm".

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