Monday, February 18, 2008

Loins, Tigers and SISSORS - Oh My!

3 yr monster has learned to use the scissors! And just in time for Valentines. I drew the heart shape on a folded piece of paper and she successfully trimmed it out. Not in perfect order but still good enough to recognize that it was a heart shape. Using that new trick I had her glue it (with a glue stick for no mess) to the center of a piece of paper and then put the letter “I” on one side and the letter “U” on the other side. We’ve been practicing our letter and I and U were new. So in the end it said, “I (heart for Love) U”. And we sent those to grandparents last week.

Now learning to use a pair of scissors is serious business for a 3 year old. She can now spend hours whacking up a magazine. I tear out one page for her to use. She cuts out toys, jewlry, food, etc. And oh the mess she can make. I have encouraged her to put the trash in to a bag as she goes along but that just seams like a waist of time to her. It’s amazing just how many little pieces of paper she can create! And let me tell you those scissors go up on the shelf when we are done. She did manage to get a hold of a couple of my bills and “let them have it”.

It’s a grand new trick that she has just had a blast with. So good for her!

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Pardon My French said...

Note to self: remember to keep scissors UP. Or maybe at least the bills in a safe place. So funny... Then again, I guess you have yourself a free paper shredder for the moment. Or a confetti factory.