Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Picture Perfect Summer

September: While working in CA, My little sister and I visited a Castle Winery.

August: My little monsters start school (her first year)August: Worked in DC. The capital building tour was amazing!
July: Went to Kerr Lake, VA, for our family vacation. Great fishing!

July: We harvested our first honey. YUM!
June: Took Daniel and Cousin Casey to the Pacific for the first time.


donnie said...

this is my mom i cant explain how she has always been here for me i couldnt imagine my life without her. im ready for her to come back from cali tamara, just so she will be back home. mom, let the dusty roads take you home back tot eh place where you belong, miss ya a lot even tho its only been a few days

Pardon My French said...

LOVED the photos of you and your family! (Did I really not comment yet? Yikes!) (And hi, Donnie - what a sweet comment). So, looks like things went well for your vacation and stayed chigger-free! The honey is awesome, I'm so impressed. You still got an extra hive at the house? How're both the other ones? Seen any more bears?