Saturday, March 8, 2008

She's 4!

As of Sunday my smallest curly headed moster will be 4 years old. I just can't believe it. She is a wonderful child. We have truly been blessed! We went to a oriental restarant tonight and my hub. mentioned to the waitres that her birthday would be tomorrow. As we ate our food they brought her a little cake and sang "happy birthday". We were pleasantly supprised! How nice! She was a bit shy but very tickled. They gave her a birthday hat and a "blow-thing". She played with it all threw dinner. On the way home Daddy stopped at Walmart. He took her in and let her pick out a cake mix and the iceing. He told her they would make the cake together tomorrow for her special day. It will be a special Daddy Daughter birthday time for sure! (I took this photo at home. Much better that those yucky hospital photos!)


Pardon My French said...

Happy happy birthday, Lil Monster! I can't believe that time has passed so fast. Enjoy that cake! (Oh, and I'm sure that photo was a much better bargain than the hospital ones!)

Sosunaolata said...

At first glance, the photo you posted looks like a doll. So much better than the hospital photos!


flipland said...

kathy, thanks for dropping by. your little girl is simply adorable in this photo!

poor man's nicole richie said...

such a lovely angel!
c",) Morning Sniffles