Friday, March 28, 2008

Look what I can do!

Before Clipping!

After Clipping!

This time of year is great! When the world is coming back to life. It's not to cold, nor to hot. Not too buggy, and yet things are starting to bloom. And you can see animal tracks everywhere. I love it!!!!

I've enjoyed going to the "farm" each week. We still call it the farm. But there aren’t any cows nor crops there anymore. So what am I to call it?? The land??? That sounds silly. The only things we grow there is wild deer, raccoons, groundhogs, grass, trees, and lots and LOTS of sticker bushes!

Many of the farm jobs that need to be done require MAN and tractor power. But the stickers - I can do on my own (although I welcome as many helpers as I can get). And that’s my primary job. To clip and kill every sticker bush I can get my hands on! I’m sure one day I’ll move on to planting flower. But for now sticker work is top priority. And my tool of choice is LOPPERS! After I go into the woods and clip an area with my loppers it looks like a new place.

I’ve been going by myself one day a week to clip (weather permitting). Well, the little monster is always with me, of course. Many say, “What do you do with the 4yr Monster over there in the woods???” But we do great. We pack a toy bag and bring a blanket. I set her blanket and toy bag up in a shady spot right where I’m clipping. She usually starts to help me clip but before long she heads right for the blanket and her bag of toys. She brings toys like Barbie’s, cars, plastic dinosaurs, and pretends the day away. I stop often to have a snack or drink with her, and sit in the woods. Sometimes she does find a bug or something that leaves her squalling.

Recently a little snail crawled up on her toy and when she saw it she “fell to peaces”. I just picket the snail up and put it on my work glove. I sat with her and talked about how it moved. She watched it carefully while clutching my arm. We agreed that the little snail would be happier under a rock in the dirt and then we placed it there. It was like a 4 year old science field trip. Ahhh - The farm adventures yet to come - - I can’t wait.

On the weekend the entire crew of extended family comes along for a work day. We are working together to put in a small road/walking path in an area that’s currently too steep and thick with stickers to walk. This new path will lead to a neat area where there is a babbling brook deep in the woods. It going to be so cool! What a great way to spend a weekend!


Napaboaniya said...

I'm sure the outcome of all the hard work will be thrilling and a place of enjoyment for the family :)

Simone said...

I love the woods. Great job!

Thank for commenting.

Pardon My French said...

How did I miss this post?? Wish I were there to help you; I'm sure I could scrounge up a pair of loppers somewhere! Though sitting on the blanket on snail duty could be appealing as well... Sounds like you and the monster are having a great time. Can't wait to see the land.

Indrani said...

You have a wonderful collection of pictures here. How come you are not posting more.

Looking forward to more from you.