Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello out there. Well, here I am blogging. Who will read this I wonder??? My good friend Michelle, living in France, has brought me here to this point. At one time I had many friends who all lived in the same area but now I have fewer friends, more children, and the friends I still keep in contact with all live apart now. I wish I had more time to talk with friends but the kids keep me very busy. Sometimes I can't believe how busy I am. Not that I feel like I get all that much done.

Monsters - Monster 1 is 3 yr's old (girl), Monster 2 is 10 (boy), and Monster 3 is 19 (boy). I remember thinking with my first kid that having a 3 year old was overwhelming. Now I say, "She's the easiest one I have". The 19 yr old was such a wonderful kid. Now he's killing me with his new found freedom and college. I thought he would sore in life and he is sinking like a dead fish! I want to help but the more I try, the further he sinks. Sometimes I don't know whether to hug him or smack him.

I must say I'm really sleepy this morning. My husband is a night person who can live on very little sleep. I'm NOT. The last two nights we watched football games on TV until around 11:30 and then got ready for the next day. Then he took a long bath (he gets into a book while bathing) and before I knew it it was 12:30-1 a.m. Getting up for work the last two mornings, I've had big bags under my eyes. This morning I made my 10 yr old late for school. Just by a little but he can't stand to be late so I know it'll affect his hole school day.

Guess that's enough for my first Blog.


Descartes said...

Join blogcatalog and think about getting an EntreCard. Whip up 125x125 pixel image so we will know who you are.
Have fun and welcome to the blogsphere.

Pardon My French said...

Dangit, I wasn't your first comment and the one who was was an advertisement. I CANNOT WAIT to read all of your blogs! You will be surprised; it's addicting although I don't have enough time to get all the ideas down on this virtual paper. I have not made it by to comment on the Flickr yet because it was down for maintenance the one time I tried, but fear not I will! I loved those photos and want you to know how thoughtful it was and that I really, truly, honestly appreciate it. You're the best.

Monster #3, the fuzziest one, will be okay. I know he will; he just has to find his wings. You did do a good job with him. Give him a hug for me in between the smacks. And give a hug to the other monsters and a rub on the head to the 10 year old who can't stand to be late. What a funny guy. In the pictures I saw he really changed.

Keep it up, crazy momma! I loved the hat pictures...good times, good times.