Sunday, January 20, 2008

I let a 4th grader hurt my feeling. How do teachers do it!!!!

Last year I signed Monster #2 up in cub scouts. I was active in cub scouts with Monster #1 (led meetings, taught first aid, etc). With Monster #2, I haven’t been quite as active. Several of his friends were going and it started off great. Over half way through the year I realized (along with many parents) that the leader was, well, not meeting expectations. One by one, others stopped going. I feel that you should teach your kids, once you start something you finish it. So Monster #2 and I went the rest of the year (he really had a good time). I must say, I was disappointed that others quit so easily.

Several of the parent and I spoke this summer and decided we could start our own little club through a local church and so we did. They actually have other groups for different ages so monster #3 has her own class too. I was asked to lead. I gladly jumped right in. Our small group of 4th graders (4/5) started in October - 20 min.-Bible study and 20 min.-crafts. I rack my brain each week to come up with GREAT ideas to keep them happy. Two of the boys are a little hard to work with sometimes when they are together. But over all I love the group and I love to teach them the Bible.

Then it happened. Last week at the meeting the two boys bragged about shooting a bird and how they had half shot it and the other boy had to “finish it off” and then they explained how they beat it’s head in afterwards until it's eye's popped out. At this point my ears were steaming and I made the mistake of telling them that I did not care for their actions and they better not talk like that again at club. I could tell they were pissed the rest of the meeting. Keep in mind they were bragging to the others, not me. It’s like I got in the way. Several other times I was short with them during the meeting because they were doing a sloppy job of participating and whispering back and forth – etc.

So guess what – They want to quit club. And their mother is going to let them. And the mom is one of my only local friend in this stinking county! I guess I should not have scolded them - - -but really! That was just a little too much. Don’t you think???? Sould I have just laughed about it and went on????

I’m just steamed about it. The Mom said after a week went by she would ask them if they wanted to go again. It would not be so bad but that will leave 2-3 in the already small class. And I really did want to be a good Mom for #2 Monster. And now he has a “Mean Mom” according to the boy’s. That’s not going to help his “cool” factor at this age.

Man I can't believe I've been nocking myself out so they can have a good time and then to get such a crappy response! I swear I just want to take my kids deep in the woods and raise them without some of the bullcrap that goes on with other kids.


PS: it's 19 degrees! burrr!


Pardon My French said...

Teachers have other teachers to complain to, and if that isn't enough there's always alcohol!

Sorry that happened; I can imagine the work and thought you put into the meetings so I understand how frustrating it must be for you. I don't see your actions as a mistake, though.

This is going to be a long comment so I've cut and pasted part of it into an e-mail. Hang in there!

BeccaGirl said...

I think you were right in standing up against the bragging on the massacre of the bird. The bible says God even knows the fall of a sparrow. It should never be 'ok' to continue beating on a dead creature of any kind until it's eyes pop out. Statistics show some very interesting futures of kids who abuse animals in these ways. If those other boys are allowed to act this way and then to brag about it, do you really want them around your kids?

If you are standing up for what's right according to God, He will bring other friends into your life. And it won't take alcohol to get you through, sorry 'Pardon My French', just my opinion.

Your children will be much better off with a mom who stands firm for what's upright than to back down on the whims of children who get 'pissed' at adults for putting them in their places.

I will pray for you and your meetings. I pray that the Lord will guide you and use your work to show the kids that He is always there for us and He wants us to grow in grace and knowledge. I also pray for those two boys and their moms, that the Lord will show them it's not ok to treat animals this way. It's one thing to shoot a pesky bird for doing something destructive, it's another to be cruel and disrespectful to it before, during or after death.